Mariola Bielawska
Marketing Department
Wawel is one of the biggest brands of FMCG branch in Poland. Due to established position and continuous aim of development, it allows to spread my wings. Broad range of Wawel products is a reason, why every day we participate in numerous marketing projects, enabling us to contact millions of customers.
Ewelina Basta
Sales Department
Wawel is a famed brand and top quality products, what is a key to success in sales. Thanks to the fact, this is a job full of challenges and possibilities to broaden your horizons. It is also daily satisfaction from contact with satisfied customers.
Piotr Sraga
Production Department
Wawel gives me a feeling of stability of employment and possibility to work in friendly atmosphere. I know that every day fulfilling my duties, I contribute to the development of this extraordinary brand of sweets. Here I find everything I need.
Joanna Rams
Technological Department
In my job, I appreciate most the possibility of development. In Wawel we consistently use state-of-the-art technology, we are up to date with scientific reports, and thanks to that we still expand our range. It allows to gain valuable experience. As a result, we can offer our Customer top quality products - and that's what we are most proud of.

more than a company

Realize your professional dreams with us!

  • develop your passion and share it with others
  • join a circle of people, who do much good
  • build professional career related to technology, production, automation and IT implementation in production, maintenance or marketing and sales

What you gain?

  • participation in innovative projects, which turn the world better
  • stable and reputable work in modern and dynamic company
  • possibility to develop, acquiring new abilities and qualifications
  • everyday pleasure of tasting our sweets

Why us?


we are a stable company, here you gain certainty of employment and possibility to develop and plan your career for a longer term


our employees are people with enormous experience and undying enthusiasm, who readily share their knowledge and introduce new colleagues in the secrets of the trade


we have real influence on development of the company. Due to team work, we turn our ideas into reality


here, you feel atmosphere far from the corporation one – we focus first of all on cooperation


sweets produced by us enjoy a good reputation among Customers both in Poland and abroad


here, you feel atmosphere far from the corporation one – we focus first of all on cooperation

How we recruit our employees?








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