Building a Community
around the doing good idea

Supporting and helping

families and children is our mission!

5 June 2008, “Wawel with the Family” Foundation was established as a continuation of charity activities conducted by Wawel for many years.

10 years of activity of

“Wawel with the Family” Foundation

4200 children

have visited Wawel sweets factory to date

440 children’s homes

included in “Słodki Dzień Dziecka” and “Zostań pomocnikiem św. Mikołaja” campaigns

800 children

included in “Masz Szansę” education programme


meals funded by the Foundation last year

120 tonnes of sweets

since 2007 handed over to children’s homes under various campaigns

Social campaign

The Growing Heart

Usually we share joy making exceptional sweets. But that is not all.

Combining love for sweets with readiness to help those in need, we have worked out unique campaign called “The Growing Heart”.

We have asked five famed Public Benefit Institutions and their representatives to cooperate. This is the second edition of our social campaign. This time, we want to donate PLN 2,500,000 to charity.

To do that, we need your engagement.
We have created a simple mechanism thanks to which everyone can contribute and support the “The Growing Heart” campaign!
All you need to do is enter the campaign website and symbolically add another heart to a Wawel brand product. You can help even more by entering codes from packaging marked with hearts and in this way transferring points to a charity of your choice.

In the first edition of the campaign, which was called For the love of joy, you awarded almost 7,000,000 points in this way. Thanks to that, a total of PLN 1,500,000 from the Wawel brand went to charitable organizations. You decided how the money was divided! In addition, each campaign participant could receive attractive guaranteed rewards for themselves, depending on the number of registered points.
We are sure that participating in our campaigns will give you a lot of positive emotions associated with wisely supporting others. We want to thank you for participating in the first edition of the campaign and invite you to get involved in the second one, under the slogan “The Growing Heart”.


matters to us

We care for sustainability,

i.e. we reasonably use environmental resources. Our challenges:

Limiting consumption of water and waste release, electric energy consumption

(e.g. use of renewable energy sources and closed cooling water system in our new factory contribute to it)

Waste management

Cooperation with recovery and recycling institutions

Waste sorting