Community Building
and "doing good" principle

Supporting and helping

families and children is our mission!

5 June 2008, “Wawel with the Family” Foundation was established as a continuation of charity activities conducted by Wawel for many years.

13 years of activity of

“Wawel with the Family” Foundation

4200 children

have visited Wawel sweets factory to date

430 children’s homes

take part in “Słodki Dzień Dziecka” and “Zostań pomocnikiem św. Mikołaja” campaigns

12 450 children

take part in “Masz Szansę” educational programme



meals were funded by the Foundation last year

120 tonnes of sweets

since 2007 were handed over to children’s homes under various campaigns



is of great importance for us

We care for sustainability, i.e. we reasonably use environmental resources. Our challenges:

Reduction of water and electricity consumption

 This is due to, inter alia, use of renewable energy sources and closed cooling water circuits in the new production plant. We use solutions to recover energy from devices
production and ventilation, we are gradually expanding the use of LED lighting.


Management of waste and sewage management at the production stage

 At the Wawel production plants, activities are constantly carried out to prevent the formation of unnecessary waste. There is, among others, their segregation and selective collection as well as strict quantitative and qualitative records of generated waste. In addition, economical and rational material management is carried out.


Engaging employees in the fight to reduce emissions

 Due to the location of the plant, employees from several nearby counties commute to it. Some use the company’s bus lines, while drivers of passenger cars are encouraged to jointly organize travel to and from work. Thanks to a special carpooling platform, 3990 shared rides were registered in 2019, which translates into lower emissions from fuel consumption.


Waste segregation

 In the social facilities of the plants, there are containers for selective storage of recyclable materials, divided into: paper, glass, metal and plastic. The places of generated waste are properly secured and marked.