Wawel’s iconic sweets appear in Cinema City cinemas throughout Central Europe

Wawel and the Cinema City chain have entered into an international concession agreement for the sale of loose products. The sweets are now available in the “Freedom of Choice” modular displays specially tailored to the needs of cinema kiosks in all Cinema City locations in Poland. From September, Polish products will also be available in cinemas in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary. Cinema operations in the entire CEE region are coordinated by the marketing department of Wawel and New Age Media.

The international concession agreement for the sale of Wawel sweets in Cinema City’s cinema kiosks is the first stage of long-term cooperation. The next stages plan for the expansion of the portfolio of products offered and conducting various promotional activities, designed especially for modern multiplexes. The first steps will be take place later this year.

The “Freedom of Choice” concept of the Wawel brand includes various types of sweets available in modern displays, with the possibility of making up a favourite mix by weight. In cinemas, the displays are at the cinema kiosks and customers can weigh their sweets at the checkout counters.
Key Wawel products will be supported by cinema campaigns with many attractions.

– The concession for the distribution of sweets in Cinema City cinema kiosks is an important international project for us. Cinema is one of the most popular forms of entertainment among our customers, so we decided to maintain a presence in Cinema City both in Poland and in other countries of the region, where our products also have fans. A presence in cinemas in as many as 6 countries will certainly provide the Wawel brand with even greater recognition, positive image effects and sales results.” – comments Tadeusz Czarniecki, Marketing Director at Wawel.

New Age Media (NAM) is the largest multi-screen cinema advertising sales house in the Central European region, a company specialising in cinema advertising. In Poland, NAM is responsible for advertising sales in the largest multiplex cinema chains – Cinema City and IMAX. Currently, NAM operates in 6 countries: Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia (under the name New Age Advertising). The New Age Media International offer includes over 1000 screens in nearly 100 multiplexes located in 65 cities of the CEE region.

Wawel is a beloved brand of Polish people and one of the oldest sweet production companies in Poland, including excellent chocolates, iconic Malaga chocolates, Tik Taki and Kasztanki, and the fruit jellies, Fresh & Fruity. Since 1898, it has successfully combined the power of tradition with a sense of modern taste. Wawel’s mission is expressed by the slogan “you feel good, you do good”, because the pleasure of tasty products based on Good Ingredients can be an impulse for good deeds.