When we feel well,
we want to do good!

Our need to have positive impact on the world makes us aspire to create natural and innovative sweets accessible daily.

We are convinced that sweets can have short and uncomplicated composition – with no preservatives, colourings, flavours or palm oil – at the same time providing 100% of taste and delight. We also believe that sweets can be products of good and simple composition, even for large-scale production.

Our goal is creating trends and defining new standards by pioneer improvement of recipes. Good Ingredients Idea is a combination of long time experience with openness to growing expectations of Customers, and knowledge we take from cooperation with the Board of Experts appointed by us and composed of people of scientific circles. It is for You – our Customers – that we wish to care still more for quality of our products and therefore we determine our own, new way.

We believe that good impulses make us feel good.

And when we feel well, we want to do good!