When we feel well,
we want to do good!

Our need to have a positive impact on the world makes us aspire to produce natural and innovative sweets.


In our experience, not only cosmetics and clothes but also sweets can have short and uncomplicated composition – with no preservatives, colourings, flavours or palm oil – this means 100% of taste and delight! Chocolate with no E476 added. Fruity jellies with no artificial flavours. Colours obtained thanks to natural raw materials and plant extracts. Lecithin from certificated soya beans. Non-GMO. We did unveil you a secret… which is not a mystery.

Our idea is to combine multiannual experience with the growing consumers’ needs and the knowledge we derive from cooperation with the Board of Experts appointed by us, which is made up from the men of science. Having said “Good Ingredients” we mean simple, uncomplicated composition and 100% flavor. Less is more. Does it sound like a cliché? Try sweets with the “Good Ingredients” sign and let us know if they taste good – * the indicated properties relate to products marked with “Good Ingredients”.

We believe that good impulses make us feel good.

And when we feel well, we want to do good!