100% cocoa and 100% flavor in the new Wawel chocolate bar

A new, unique product has been added to Wawel’s portfolio. Premium Extra Dark 100% Cocoa bar is made of only one raw material – certified cocoa beans. With a deep aroma of the Forastero cocoa beans from Ghana, the new Extra Dark takes us on an amazing journey of taste.

Extra Dark 100% Cocoa bar was made for connoisseurs of intensely deep flavours and aromas that come straight from nature. The thin tablet was made in a long, careful conching process. Break any fragment of it and listen to the pleasant sound of the crack. Note the perfectly smooth structure and the unique shine that emphasizes its natural composition, as well as its deep aroma. Enjoy each fragment that slowly melts in your mouth, bringing out the original, intense flavour.

Are you looking for more inspiration? Try Extra Dark with hard cheese or combine it with a strong espresso. You can also try sweetening it with honey if you wish. These original combinations will allow you to experience an unforgettable culinary journey and discover new, sophisticated flavour duets. To fully appreciate its quality, enjoy each piece slowly. Let it gently melt on your tongue.

The uniqueness of Extra Dark is emphasized by an elegant cardboard box with an attractive design and subtle refinements that refer to the tradition of the Wawel brand.

Extra Dark is made of only one raw material – certified cocoa beans from Ghana. This certification means that the raw material comes from crops managed in a responsible and sustainable way, and farming has no negative impact on the environment and people employed in its production. The product does not contain any other additives, dyes, flavours or emulsifiers. It also does not contain added sugar.

New Extra Dark 100% Cocoa bar is a product with the highest cocoa content in the Wawel brand portfolio. Other dark chocolates from Wawel include a Premium Chocolate line with chocolates of 70% and 90% cocoa content, and a limited collection of “Beans of the World” with 74% cocoa beans from regional plantations of Cameroon, Venezuela and Ghana.