Good practices of Wawel company once again distinguished in Report from the Responsible Business Forum

On 28 March the Responsible Business Forum published the report “Responsible Business in Poland 2018. Good practices”, which aims to identify the best examples of CSR activities and promote the idea of responsible business. Since 2010 Wawel has been recognised by the Responsible Business Forum for the implementation of recommended responsible business practices.

The report “Responsible Business in Poland 2018. Good Practices” presents the most important CSR activities of Polish companies in 2018. The publication has been published periodically since 2002. Its aim is to distinguish good practices in the field of CSR and to promote the idea of responsible business. Since 2010 Wawel has been one of the companies whose good practices were published by the Responsible Business Forum. In this year’s 17th edition of the Report, four practices conducted by Wawel were singled out In the “Environment” category, the long-term employee carpooling programme and the ecological development of the production plant were appreciated. The Responsible Business Forum also recognised the Good Ingredients programme in the “Consumer Issues” category as a long-term practice that proves that even in large-scale production sweets can have a short recipe and not contain unnecessary additives. In the “Social Involvement and Local Community Development” category, the social-loyalty programme “Heart Grows” was once again an example. As part of this initiative, Wawel supported the charges of 5 charitable organisations participating in the programme, and thanks to the involvement of consumers, the company has already donated PLN 2.6 million to help selected institutions in both editions of the campaign.