Królewskie Mleczko Waniliowe appreciated by shoppers

Wawel brand products were appreciated by consumers in the “Best Product – Consumers’ Choice 2021” survey. This year, the Gold Medal in the “Soft candies, gummies, foams, jellies” category was won by Królewskie Mleczko Waniliowe (Your Delicacy Vanilla).

Królewskie Mleczko Waniliowe (Your Delicacy Vanilla) are round candies filled with vanilla-milk souffle, covered with original dark chocolate from Wawel. The original shape of the foam underlines the uniqueness of this product. Each of the candies is packed separately, to fully retain its subtle flavour. Perfect composition, created in accordance with Wawel’s idea of ​​”Good Ingredients” project, does not contain E476, dyes and artificial flavours.

“We are really happy that just over a year after its debut on the market, Your Delicacy has found so much recognition among consumers. This is due to the uniqueness of the product, original communication and, above all, superior taste. The composition of the product is based only on Good Ingredients. That is why these foams bathed in original Wawel dark chocolate taste so delicious”, says Sylwia Warnecka, Category Manager of Królewskie Mleczko (Your Delicacy).

The aim of the “Best Product – Consumers’ Choice” survey is to select the best FMCG products, in the opinion of consumers, that had been introduced during the previous year. The study evaluated products brought to the market in the period from September 1, 2019 to September 30, 2020. The study is carried out by the GfK Polonia institute. This year’s competition was the ninth edition of this consumer plebiscite.