Over PLN 1,133,000 for charity organisations from Wawel brand as part of the “Heart Grows” campaign

The second edition of the social-consumer campaign “Heart Grows” organised by the Wawel brand has come to an end. The initiative, in which everyone could help by buying sweets with a heart symbol, involved almost 100,000 consumers. Across two editions of the consumer programme, Wawel has already allocated over PLN 2.6 million to charity organisations.

The second edition of the social and consumer action “Heart Grows” organised by the Wawel brand has come to an end. As part of the initiative, consumers, via a dedicated website www.sercerosnie.com.pl, registered codes from the packaging of sweets marked with a heart and collected guaranteed prizes. The action made it possible to support five charity organisations participating in the programme: The Anna Dymna “Mimo wszystko” Foundation, the “Wawel z Rodziną” Foundation, the “Wiosna” Association with the “Akademia Przyszłości” programme, the “Poza Horyzonty” Foundation of Jasiek Mela and the Foundation “Akogo?”.

Thanks to the involvement of consumers, Wawel will donate as much as PLN 1,133,839 to charity. The awards ceremony will take place on 7 March.

The success of the action is proven by numbers

The consumers were the ones who decided on the amount of money to be transferred to particular organisations during the Wawel action. The joint action and the tens of thousands of people involved in the action have produced impressive results:

  • The total amount that Wawel will allocate to support five charity organisations is as much as PLN 1,133,839.
    • The ceremony was attended by almost 100,000 people.
    • A total of 546,000 codes were registered.
    • Consumers received 28,000 guaranteed prizes.
    • The winning Foundation of Anna Dymna “Mimo Wszystko” will receive a sum of PLN 284,945.
    • The Foundation of Ewa Błaszczyk “Akogo?” will be supported with the amount of PLN 283,251.
    • The Foundation of Jasiek Mela “Poza Horyzonty” will receive PLN 194,323.
    • The “Akademia Przyszłości” of the “Wiosna” Association will receive an amount of PLN 185,929.
    • The “Wawel z Rodziną” Foundation will receive the amount of PLN 185,392.

More information about the “Heart Grows” campaign can be found on the website www.sercerosnie.com.pl

In accordance with its mission “You feel good, you do good”, Wawel through its actions engages consumers in doing common good deeds. Following the success of the last edition of the campaign, Wawel is working on the continuation of its activities in the area of corporate social responsibility.


The Wawel company has a long tradition of charitable activities. At the beginning of the 20th century, part of the profit from the sale of Wawel’s Lotnicza chocolate was donated to social causes. Wishing to continue charitable activities in 2008, Wawel established the “Wawel z Rodziną” Foundation, whose goal is to support needy families and people providing foster care for children and to provide them with social assistance – including equal educational opportunities.